Quality Security Services LLC is the name you can trust for total security management. Our New York security management services include everything from general security services and corporate security management to Security Patrol Services. Quality Security Services LLC has created a reputation for our security services throughout New York.

Quality Security Services LLC offers an extensive range of security services in NY including parking lot security, corporate security management, private security systems, shopping center security, event security and even fire and safety consultants.

We are servicing commercial, industrial, and residential entities throughout New York. We are dedicated to continue unwavering customer satisfaction and dedication to meet up with our customer's needs.



All Quality Security Services LLC security staff is properly licensed and trained as security guards in accordance with NY State. Quality Security Services LLC is a member of the Fairport Perinton Merchants Association. We stride to work with our community to make it a safer place.

What We Offer:

Security Officers who have a commitment to quality and conscious desire to continually excel in the performance of their duties.
Establishing compliance with security policies and procedures mandated by clients.
Quality Security Services LLC Is geared towards providing management and operational support through an ongoing program of quality control.

Security Services

Quality Security Services LLC is confident that we can provide you with experienced, professional, well-groomed, licensed, and insured Security Professionals.

Quality Security Services LLC serves a variety of industries, including:

  • Commercial buildings and offices
  • Residential neighborhoods and communities
  • Retail businesses
  • Industrial sites
  • Financial institutions
  • Special events
  • Construction Sites

Quality Security Services LLC patrol takes a customized approach to every clients security needs. Our patrollers will perform their duties in uniform or civilian clothing. We are experienced in traversing every type of environment from construction sites to office buildings. Guards offer security patrol services:

  • 24 hours a day
  • After hours
  • Custom scheduled
  • Dispatch

In addition to professional-grade patrol services, our guards work closely with property management to understand the goals of your industry and to ensure that a suitable level of customer services is maintained while security patrol services are performed.

Quality Security Services LLC security guards are always punctual, well groomed and in proper uniform, NY State certified security guards, thorough knowledge on duties and obligation, and well Supervised.
We expect the absolute best of our security patrol guards. That’s why we require continued training and 100% on-duty alertness. Quality Security Services LLC is highly skilled at detecting and responding quickly to red flag activity, no matter the time of day or night.

As we understand the importance and confidentiality of all your Security needs, Quality Security Services LLC now gladly offers personal Security. Call Office for more information

Companies with valuable physical property need a custom security management services corporate security services and convenient security management. Our security officers are also trained to patrol site constantly, make routine checks of company's property and other assigned areas, and make necessary reports as required. Any unusual incidents or unsafe conditions will be reported by our security personnel and will submit a written report. Our field supervisor will make a routine patrol and is available to assist you at any time in case of emergency.

Contact us for a custom quote and allow us to craft the ideal security management services for your company.

One of the great advantages to utilizing a security patrol service is the establishment of a security presence that is obvious to the public. The recognition of security on your grounds will work to protect your assets on two levels. First, it is often enough to deter trespassing, theft, vandalism or other criminal activities. Second, it provides peace of mind for clients, customers, tenants, employees or visitors.

Parking lots can be one of the most targeted areas for criminal activity as they can often be poorly lit or designed with limited visibility. Quality Security Services LLC parking lot security guards will assert an obvious presence on your premise to deter threats and ensure that customers are able to safely get to and from their vehicles.

Quality Security Services LLC is highly trained in Patrol. Quality Security Services LLC can patrol your construction site 24hours a day. Contact us for a custom quote and allow us to craft the ideal security management services for your company.